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Extractor API is a feature-packed API and online tool that handles all the heavy lifting and headaches involved in clean text extraction.

Robust API

We handle IP rotation, retries and JavaScript rendering - you get clean text. Learn more.

News Search

Search the world's news with a single API call - up to 100 results per request. Learn more.

Extract Everything

Extract clean and raw text, html and get tons of metadata. Learn more.

Visual Extraction

Don't want to use the API? Use our visual online tool to paste or upload URLs! Learn more.

Persistent Jobs

Both our API and online tool allow you to save extracted text to your Jobs page. Learn more.

Quick Start

Check out the Getting Started guide for a quick overview of the API and the FAQ for more info.

al/ml data
AI/ML Data

Our API tool is the first step in AI/ML data collection to drive training and knowledge base collection in a clean and cost efficient manner


Use our API to drive automated extraction of data from PDFs

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Extract text from URLs using the Extractor API or our visual tool, which lets you paste or upload up to 1,000 URLs at once! Download results in CSV or JSON format.

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Enter any article URL and get back title and text. (There's plenty more you can get too.)