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Metered | See Fixed Pricing

$10 first 5,500 requests

Then $0.0019 / request

Need a more flexible text extraction solution? Extractor API's metered billing starts with a flat monthly fee of $10 for the first 5,500 requests, then $0.0019 for every additional request. News search requests are counted as 5 requests each.

  • Unlimited news search, extract requests
  • Extract via API or visual extractor
  • IP rotation, JavaScript rendering*
  • 5 concurrent requests
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News searches cost 5 requests each, are throttled at 1 request per second, and use the News Search endpoint.
*Rendering JavaScript costs 5 requests instead of the normal 1 request per URL.

Extractor API FAQ

Do you have a free plan?

Absolutely! We offer a Free (forever) plan that allows you to perform 1,000 requests per month.

Do you have a free trial for your paid plans?

Yes, you can try out any of our plans for 14 days free. You can cancel anytime before then and you won't be charged.

Do you have metered pricing?

Yes, you can check out metered pricing here. Metered pricing starts at $10 flat for the first 5,500 requests, then $0.0019 for any additional request. You get the features of fixed-priced plans (JavaScript rendering, multiple calls a second) while only paying for what you use.

Are my payments secure?

We use Stripe for payment processing, and they've been audited by the most "stringent level of certification available in the payments industry" (more info).

Can I switch plans at any time?

You can upgrade, cancel and reactive any plan at any time, though downgrades are unavailable (you can cancel and sign up for a lower plan at the end of the billing cycle).

Can I search the news with Extractor API?

Yes, using the News Search endpoint. All accounts (including those on the Free Plan) have a separate set of news search requests every month. The Metered Plan has unlimited search requests.

Does the API include IP rotation and JavaScript rendering?

All plans include IP rotation - including our Free plan - and the feature is enabled by default, so you're all set! All paid plans include JavaScript rendering and the ability to wait for the page to load, though these parameters need to be specified in the GET request to work. For details on how to use JavaScript rendering and the "wait" parameter, see the documentation.